Relocating to France Virtual Summit Hosted By Relocation Expert Tracy Leonetti

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Relocating to France Virtual Summit
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Your vision is our mission!

The Relocating to France Virtual Summit was a great success. Thank you to all for participating. Here are all the replays with each panelist, just in case you missed a slot or if you missed the event, you can watch them at your leisure.
Below in the Bio section are all the contact details and of course further down, details of our charity and the LBS Serenity Club. A big thank you to everyone for their help with this event.

Tracy Leonetti

Relocation Expert, Founder LBS

Vision, Mission & Preparation 

9 – 9.30 am

Mike Marsden

Senior Partner, Blevins Franks

Wealth Management on the Move

10 – 10.30 am

Ensuring you get your answers to questions related to moving to France from a financial perspective. How will Brexit affect your financial planning and what action should be taken before your departure? All of this and more with Mike Marsden.

Fabienne Atkin

Associate Solicitor, Ashtons Legal Trading as Heslop & Platt

The Buying Process

11 – 11.30 am

The buying process can be confusing but as it is a very important process, Fabienne Atkin breaks it down into bite size portions and answers your questions related to this process.

Tracy Leonetti

Relocation Expert, Founder LBS

Immigration and Brexit

12 – 12.30 pm

Brexit is just around the corner and many questions still prevail. Tracy Leonetti answers as many questions as possible. What does a ‘legal resident’ really mean and what are my options if I arrive after 31st December 2020. How does the 90/180 rule work for third country nationals? All this and more.

Antonia Beauvoisin

Kidoo Land

Cultural, Social Integration

2 – 2.30 pm
Download the D.R.E.A.M. Handout Here

Tracy Leonetti

Relocation Expert, Founder LBS

Healthcare in France
15.00 – 15.30

Tracy Leonetti explains how to access the healthcare system and why getting your social security number should be the objective. How will Brexit affect your S1 entitlements is another subject covered during this information packed session.

Pippa Maille


Money Movement

16h00 – 16h30

Never has it been so important as now to get your money movement organised. Pippa Maile explains the importance of having a good rapport with yçur currency advisor and that even if you are transferring small amounts of money, currency experts will always save you money.

Mike Marsden

Blevins Franks

Tax in France

17h00 – 17h30

Tax is never a popular subject but one that is important to listen to. What are the tax dates, brackets and how will Brexit affect your tax situation in France.

Tracy Leonetti & Panelists

Grand Finale

18h00 – 18h30

Find out more about the Expert Panel

Shine the light on our charity: l’Enfant Bleu


I am passionate above helping children who have suffered or who are suffering still due to difficult situations at home or handicaps.  If you have read my Pay It Forward Series-Notes to my Younger self book, you will know why! This France based charity  L’enfant bleu  has helped and is continuing to help 1000’s of children during the Covid pandemic. The pandemic has created huge challenges for everyone, but no one is talking about the children who are enduring circumstances beyond their control. LBS is hugely grateful for these expert panelists who are giving their time and expertise to this summit in order to create awareness around this wonderful cause. 

Some key facts to help you decide to support this charity. 

Did you know that during the confinement due to Covid in France, there was:

  1. an 80% increase in family violence (children & women)
  2. The emergency number 119 for children in danger received a record 15,000 calls in comparison to its 8,000 calls
  3. 968 files were treated during confinement period compared to around  900 files usually over a year
  4. The association L’enfant bleu created a blue character in Fortnite which allowed them to have 1,300 contacts of which many of them were situation of extreme urgence

So please, get some expert information and help the children’s charity.

If you would like more help with Relocating to France, join the Serenity Club

LBS has years of experience helping people like yourself with their smooth transition to their dream life in France. 

The aim of LBS Relocation Services is to ensure a smooth transition by enhancing the speed you access the French administration system saving your time, energy and ultimately money. If you would like more information about our Serenity Club, join our waitlist here.

Tracy Leonetti