Relocating to France Virtual Summit Hosted By Relocation Expert Tracy Leonetti

LBS in France

Relocating to France Virtual Summit

Your vision is our mission!

The Relocating to France Virtual Summit with Tracy Leonetti and her expert panelists took place on 9th October, all day. What a fantastic day it was!

Don’t despair! If you missed the event, its not too late to watch the replays, listen to all the questions from the live participants and get the answers from our panelists.

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You can see the agenda that we had below and the subjects that we looked at :
  • Immigration and Brexit
  • Wealth and financial planning before you move
  • The buying process and what traps to avoid
  • How to access the French healthcare system
  • Tax in France and how it works
  • Organising Your Currency
  • And of course how to adapt to your new life, language and culture.
Contact details of all the panelists will be provided should you wish to reach out to them at a later date.

Everyone on the panel gave their time and expertise with the aim of providing you with excellent content and ALL the profits from your participation to this summit will be donated to the association Enfant Bleu. Read more about them here.

Tracy Leonetti

Relocation Expert, Founder LBS

Vision, Mission & Preparation 

9 – 9.30 am

Brexit and Immigration 

12 – 12.30 pm
French Health Care System: How to Access
3 – 3.30 pm

Mike Marsden

Senior Partner, Blevins Franks

Wealth Management on the Move

10 – 10.30 am

Fabienne Atkin

Associate Solicitor, Ashtons Legal trading as Heslop & Platt

The Buying process in France

11 – 11.30 am

Antonia Beauvoisin

Kidoo Land

Cultural, social & language integration

2 – 2.30 pm

Pippa Maille


Currency Planning

4 – 4.30 pm

Mike Marsden

Senior Partner, Blevins Franks

Don’t let tax be taxing

5 – 5.30 pm

Find out more about the Expert Panel

LBS Relocation Expert

Preparing your footprint for Brexit, Immigration and Healthcare Access

Born and raised in Hull, Yorkshire, England, Tracy resisted the urge to travel and began her professional career in the civil service; however, it soon became apparent that life had more to offer. After travelling to various countries, Tracy Leonetti settled in France in the beautiful and romantic Cote d’Azur, where she studied a business degree at the CERAM Business School in Sophia Antipolis.  

The transition to her ‘dream’ life in France was challenging as was navigating the French bureaucracy and this was her key motivation behind the creation of her relocation business Language & Business Services (LBS) in 2012.LBS has the objective of helping people who are looking for a seamless transition to their new homes in France.  Known  as ‘The French Connector’ and the go to person for moving, living & business in France, Tracy  has made it her mission to provide the most current and up to date information, resources & support to enhance the speed her customers access the French system, find their ideal property and live their dream life in France. 

In 2015 Tracy created the LBS Serenity membership Club which ensures that her members get excellent service via bespoke serenity relocation packages for their first year in France.

LBS in FranceTracy Leonetti is a mother of 2,  a self-grown entrepreneur and is passionate about helping others follow their true dreams by taking a step by step approach to life and to business.  Co-author of the #1 Best Seller the Pay It Forward Series – Notes to my Younger self, Tracy Leonetti believes in sharing life experiences to motivate and inspire others to make a difference in their lives and others.

Blevins Franks

Wealth Management on the Move

Mike Marsden is a Chartered Accountant, Trust and Estate Practitioner with Blevins Franks.

Mike provides Blevins Franks clients with advice which focuses on Wealth Management and Tax Mitigation. He has over 40 years’ experience within the UK Financial Services sector.

His expertise is focused on ‘Anglo-French’ pensions, investments and tax planning solutions.

The Buying Process in France

Fabienne is a French national and a qualified Solicitor. Fabienne studied law in France and moved to the UK where she gained a MA in Business Law and completed her Legal Practice Course. Fabienne qualified as a Solicitor of England & Wales 10 years ago and has extensive knowledge and experience of French law.

Fabienne advises clients and professionals on the French legal system and on how to avoid its pitfalls. Her areas of expertise include French conveyancing, French property law, French inheritance law and tax including cross-border estate planning advice and preparation of French Wills. Fabienne regularly provide seminars and publishes articles for French specialised press.

Kidoo Land

Cultural, social and language integration

Antonia Beauvoisin Brown .. British mum to 2 bilingual teenagers, living in the countryside in the Sunny South of France in what seems to be an eternal renovation project. In 2005 I  relocated for the 3rd time and hopefully last time to France … 15 years later  I’m  still here so things are looking good.

Moving abroad is challenging and I have real life high and low experiences to draw on and share with you. In fact I have done it in 3 different ways having moved here first as a single person, the second time with a partner who stayed in the UK and the 3rd time relocating lock stock and barrel with my husband and two small children. So I  can really understand many perspectives and now understand what worked and what could have been done better. 

In 2007 I set up my local bricks and mortar business KidooLand “The Little English School”  now operating in 3 towns on the French Riviera. This has allowed me over the last 13 years to meet over 6,000  French children and their families and hear first hand what life is like on the Côte d’Azur. Alongside this for the International community I run a dynamic Facebook community Cote d’Azur Living with over 11,000 members and see hourly the trials and tribulations faced by people living, visiting and relocating here. Having one foot in each camp has really allowed me to create a bridge between the expat and French locals and hopefully draw these communities together. 

The Riviera Firefly podcast is where I pull these two worlds together via interviews with local biz owners who share their journey and how they  make the most of living here in the South of France. Our  key focus being how to relocate, integrate, run a business and make the most of your new life in France.


Currency Planning

Pippa Maile has been an expat for over 20 years both living and working in all regions of France.She first arrived with her 8 year old daughter choosing to live in the beautiful Lot Valley near Cahors in the Midi Pyrenees where she worked in Real Estate and in Foreign Exchange. After the birth of her two Sons the family relocated to Cote d’Azur where Pippa worked to establish a well known currency company within the French marketplace.

With the experience that she has gained and the opportunities now available within this type of industry she has opened her own boutique Currency Company tailored to clients buying and selling their properties, moving their pensions or salaries or helping business when making their international transfers. There is a team of dealers to speak to, registration is easy, an online platform to make transfers easy and accessible for the client and someone available by email or phone 7 days a week.

Pippa has first hand experience of dealing with the French bureaucracy with her own needs in buying and renting properties, transferring salaries and talking to 1000s of clients transferring for a multitude of reasons on a daily basis and advises anyone moving to France to contact the experts, everyone’s case is different and needs to be assessed individually so experience is the key, what’s good for one person may not work for another

Putting your money in place when relocatingWhen moving its easy to overlook some of the factors which can be critical when purchasing or renting a property of your dreams.

I will be covering why it’s best to get a currency company in place ,why it’s important to understand the markets and what are the pointers for currency movements and why this is essential before looking for a property.or for people supporting family members in other countries, Payments of salaries, mortgages and pensions.

Shine the light on our charity: l’Enfant Bleu


I am passionate above helping children who have suffered or who are suffering still due to difficult situations at home or handicaps.  If you have read my Pay It Forward Series-Notes to my Younger self book, you will know why! This France based charity  L’enfant bleu  has helped and is continuing to help 1000’s of children during the Covid pandemic. The pandemic has created huge challenges for everyone, but no one is talking about the children who are enduring circumstances beyond their control. LBS is hugely grateful for these expert panelists who are giving their time and expertise to this summit in order to create awareness around this wonderful cause. 

Some key facts to help you decide to support this charity. 

Did you know that during the confinement due to Covid in France, there was:

  1. an 80% increase in family violence (children & women)
  2. The emergency number 119 for children in danger received a record 15,000 calls in comparison to its 8,000 calls
  3. 968 files were treated during confinement period compared to around  900 files usually over a year
  4. The association L’enfant bleu created a blue character in Fortnite which allowed them to have 1,300 contacts of which many of them were situation of extreme urgence

So please, get some expert information and help the children’s charity.

This Relocating to France Virtual Summit Is YOUR Opportunity To:

  1. Meet the panel of Experts in different domains concerning your move to France. 
  2. Ask your key questions during their live sessions. 
  3. Support an amazing and worthy cause for abused and neglected children.  Whilst many businesses and people have suffered, there are many forgotten children whose lives became much worse due to the confinement.  This association works tirelessly to help these children.

This virtual relocation summit is not just about Brexit and has information for anyone looking to relocate to France but with Brexit just around the  corner many people are trying desperately to organise their move to France or paperwork in France in order to benefit from the Withdrawal Agreement so this will be addressed throughout the event.

We have a jam packed day filled with information from experts in France. You can pop in and pop out as you wish to listen to the speakers on the subjects that are important to you and interact directly with the experts. Your 25 euros gives you access to all the topics. 

So don’t delay, join here.  Once you have registered and paid your participation, you will then directed to join our community facebook page whilst waiting for the event. 

We look forward to seeing you in the Summit.

Tracy Leonetti

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